The Vendéspace : the meeting of sport and culture in Vendée!

With its 21 000 m2 with three rooms dedicated to the most varied sports, the more daring shows, VENDESPACE positions itself at the forefront of MFPs in the Great West. It offers variable gauge from 1 000 to 4 900 places, unique in the department.

The General Council of the Vendée VENDESPACE opened the doors of September 14, 2012. Today it can host a website the most beautiful sporting events covered interior, and performances worthy of the biggest national halls.

Unique in France, concentrate of technology, VENDESPACE boasts equipment of excellence in its modularity, aesthetics and acoustics. Technological feats that are at the service of the greatest international sporting events and the most prestigious concerts. The Vendee can cheer the champions of over 30 different sports, or attend the greatest concerts and shows as Carmina Burana, the National Circus of China or the hit musical Dirty Dancing ...

With emotion, effort and enthusiasm, the VENDESPACE also wants space for training and education: its 21,000 m², the dojo, his sports room and great room are thus open to all departmental committees for their workouts and competitions.


Vendée, the sports department!

The VENDESPACE is born of the will of the County Council to develop the sport in Vendée. The department has become a benchmark for sporting events. The Vendée has indeed received not less than 5 Great Departures of the Tour de France, the department Vendée Globe, the Strides Gois, a single race in the world.

With the creation of VENDESPACE, alongside the Vendée Departmental Committees, has hosted the Davis Cup Euro-Asia meeting table tennis, the European Women's Basketball Championship, a match Golden League Handball or the France international gymnastics. More than ever, the Vendée is THE sports department.


Key figures:

- Up to 4900 spectators in concert configuration (sitting and standing)
- Up to 4000 spectators sport configuration (seated)
- More than 500 000 visitors since its opening
- 21 000 m² surface
- 3 rooms for more than 30 different sports